Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi Guys,
It is the end of the working day for me, not that I worked very much today, it was super quiet at work, most people were sick =(
I have just finished tidying my room and I now feel super orginized YAY!
I thought I would do an In's & Out's Blog Post.

-Elizabeth Arden Super Sale!! I got heaps of goodies for a super cheap price!!
-Mango & Pech Body Butter, I have hit pan on my first tub so I had to go and grab a back. My skin loves me for it!!
-Exfoliating glove, I have been using this recently with my usual cleanser as I ran out of my St Ives exfoliater, and i really like it!!
-YOUTUBE, I am really starting to get back into the swing of YT now YAY!
-Liquid Foundation, It is winter now and my skin is thanking me for all of the extra moisture I am feeding it!!

-Rain, everytime I seem to step outdoors it rains =/ and my hair get's ruined.=/ It's not good =/
-Schoolwork, I have had SO much homework that I have had to do recently. It sort of ruins my plans of getting an early nite sleep...

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